Prophet Nigel Gaisie with Blakk Rasta

by: michael eli dokosi/

For a good number of Afrocentric people, the bible has been usurped and weaponised against Africans and those of African descent. For some; the bible, the Christian holy book or set of laws must be done away with, thrown in the dustbin because of inferences in it which slave owners used to subjugate enslaved Africans, even quoting verses declaring they not fight back but suffer to inherit heaven.

A Bible

Such people point out that there is a reason why the slave owners in the Trans-Atlantic trade business allowed their slaves to read the bibles or be told stories from it while they outlawed studying other books often with dire consequences.

On the other hand however, are Africans who acknowledge that the bible in its various editions and brands although has been tampered with by those of the Europoid stock to advance their grip of the world, a critical look at the germane content of the bible reveals it is about those of the Africoid stock and so what is needed is a presence of mind and discernment to sieve the true word from the chaff.

And for notable reggae artist, poet, historian and radio presenter; Abubakar Ahmed alias Blakk Rasta; while he’s aware of the Jesus fraud regarding the photos and images mounted at churches, he nonetheless believes in the presence of God adding: “wherever the name of God is mentioned, it is there I belong.”

Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta submits to blakkpepper that months before meeting Prophet Nigel Gaisie, who is his spiritual father since 2 years ago, he had an angelic visitation leading to a spiritual metamorphosis where he had visions, saw himself reading the bible and opening verses he never knew existed. Those encounters convinced him about the presence of Christ also known as Yeshua Hamashiach.

Prior to the encounter, Blakk revealed: “I had never gone to any church to worship.” The question is what changed?

Blakk Rasta narrated how a friend of his, Apostle Adrah had invited him to a crusade at Kotobabi Park. Having arrived late; he picked a spot at the back with a friend. Guest preacher at the crusade, Nigel Gaisie would come to him prophesying that he could see a huge door open for him which will take him to the US where he would preach or lecture.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie

After the service, Gaisie offered his cell line and invited him over to his church. Blakk recounts that he did honour the invite and visited Prophet Gaisie’s church in the vicinity of the old Peace FM building, sharing the same building as the Fidelity Bank and was impressed with Gaisie’s teaching, frankness, intellectual gift and his refinement as well as his selflessness devoid of the usual money claiming tricks so well known as practiced by others.

But crucially, the prophecies he delivered manifested. Indeed Blakk Rasta visited and lectured on music and Pan-Africanism at the University of Central Missouri and other universities including the University of Kansas while he least expected.

So who is Nigel Gaisie of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry?

The man born to Prof. Samuel Kwesi Gaisie from Larteh and Grace Titibia Odoe from Akwapim Adukrom respectively says he had a deprived upbringing adding when his parents separated, their late father reckoned taking care of them would lead to they doing well in life and catering to the needs of their mother so neglected his responsibilities towards them.

“I have sold cassava, plantain, onion and bread before; on the streets of Adabraka and Asylum Down. I grew up in pain, I have seen naked pain before so I purposed to overturn that apostate life and situation,” the prophet submitted to blakkpepper after worshipping with them.

According to Prophet Gaisie, he schooled at the King of Kings International School while a house help of an aunt whom his mum had gifted him to since they were sisters and she was yet to birth but another aunt would influence the relation he was staying with to sack him because: “taking care of a banana will not make it plantain.”

With the sack, Gaisie would hawk on the streets of Accra but the prophet of today made an observation which would influence his educational path.

“I observed that men of God then were not highly educated so I sold cassava and did space to space to support my goal of schooling to the highest level.”

Gaisie is a product of the Abuakwa State College, Accra Polytechnic now Accra Technical University where he did the Purchasing and Supply programme and the University of Ghana where he offered Political Science, History and Linguistics relying on the Students Loan Scheme and the benevolence of a few people.

The leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry says he got born again before turning 14 and under the direction of the Holy Spirit begun hearing the word of God.

I began preaching from the streets, then to tertiary institutions. I went outside Ghana for outreach landing in Holland, Sierra Leone and Banjul, Gambia.”

Having started hearing voices in JSS 1 in Asylum Down and under the parental care of a casual Christian mother and father, it took Apostle Emmanuel Afriyie Amoako Ayim now London based of the Endtime Resurrection Power Ministry to ground him in the faith with prayer.

“Any church that grows, there is a divine manifestation there so I caught my gift from there. I am a born prophet, I can operate in all the four or five fold ministries but my major office is the prophetic ministry. On sea, land and in the air I prophesy,” the father of one pointed out.

According to the former banker, he worked with Archbishop Duncan-Williams as one of his personal prophets for a while then had a directive from God to start a ministry.

On the choice of settling on the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry, Prophet Gaisie explained:

“The lord appeared to me in Banjul, Gambia that I have called and ordained you to be a prophet, go into the nations of the world with a prophecy power hence the (true word); declare my second coming, raise people of fire in true prayer hence the (fire). My mandate is to proclaim the sure word of God.”

So how did Blakk Rasta become one who comes to pick wisdom from his sermons seeking his counsel?

“I met him (Blakk Rasta) during a crusade and I saw things about him, told him and they came to pass. The spirit of God convicts and he’s been a loyal son. He is more of a brother and a friend now. God will use him even more mightily,” Prophet Gaisie submitted.

On persons whose Godly work he admires, Prophet Gaisie mentioned Emmanuel Afriyie Amoako Ayim as one whose prophetic gifts he respects greatly adding his grand spiritual father is Bishop Amaniapong.

For prayer and longevity, he admires Archbishop Duncan-Williams while for longevity of service, it is Bishop Salifu Amoako he looks to.

For prayer, Apostle Oko Hackman takes it while healing goes to Benny Hinn. Outside Ghana, Apostle Johnson Suleman and Dauda Eliason in South Africa are men of God he salutes.

Gaisie’s ministry is well and truly on as his All-night Friday Restoration Service attracts on the average 800 worshippers while his Sunday Service caters to the spiritual needs of some 500 worshippers.

The last born of 8 children also has his ministry firmly rooted in London, Sierra Leone and Banjul.

Prophet Nigel with Majid Michel

From November 12 to 19, 2017; Gaisie is hosting Apostle Dr. Oko Hackman, Apostle Dr. Dauda Maiwaazi of the Wonders Chapel Abuja-Nigeria, Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Bempa of the Assemblies of God Church, Holy Hills for a week long prayer, worship and prophetic session on the theme: “When the Battle Is From Home.”

Prophet Gaisie also has a broadcast ministry where he preaches on Vision 1 FM every Friday dawn from 4am to 5am. Also on Number 1 10.53 FM on Friday 10:30am to 11:30am while his All-Night Restoration Service is broadcast live on Class FM from 12midnigt to 4:00am.

True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry is located at Achimota-Mile 7, in the old Peace FM vicinity in the same premises with Fidelity Bank. For enquiries do call 0244093032 or 0540337713.