Victoria Lebene in revealing outfit

It’s now clear that Ghanaians are done with celebrities who turn to seek the spotlight by sharing their nudes on social media and at events.

Many at times, our celebrities seek to raise their popularity by triggering some form of controversy or put out their nudes. Mostly, the nudes go to our female celebs while our men stick to gossip and beefs.

Naturally, as Ghanaians, we frown on such acts and they are termed as uncouth. This is the reason why such publications become the talk of the day but unfortunately, our celebs do not see that angle hence they keep doing so.

Many will not agree to this but that is what it is. Some few years ago no lady would dare put on any revealing clothing and walk around in town with it. Yet, today, it has become the norm and we are gradually getting closer to the era where our ladies will be walking around in town totally naked in the name of fashion.

This is the trend we see in some of our lady celebrities and in no time our ladies will start copying.

A photo, taken of actress Victoria Lebene wearing a revealing outfit which has her boobs and nipples all through her thighs and legs showing tends to confirm this submission.

Aren’t there other ways for our celebrities to trigger the spotlight onto themselves?  Many other celebrities really criticize their colleagues who parade themselves in that regard. Hence not all celebrities approve of this way of seeking public hype and they don’t go along that route to seek attention.

The year 2017 has been filled with a whole lot of leaked nude photos and videos. We pray that a new trend will come up in the coming year which will not include leaked nudes.

We are looking for more authentic entertainment from our stars in the coming year.

By: Richhex


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