Vodafone Ghana's Yolanda with school boy

Vodafone’s digital education platform –  Instant Schools – has reached 1.8 million hits since it was launched a year ago. The online portal, which is part of a strategic approach by the company to promote digital inclusion, is currently creating a revolution across the country.

With a full endorsement from the Ghana Education Service, Instant Schools responds directly to the perennial problem of lack of teaching materials, textbooks, past examination questions and assessment information in many schools across the country. The initiative is delivering a wide range of basic to advanced learning materials online and gives unlimited access to everyone, from the city to the remote villages.

The Vodafone Ghana Foundation has introduced the platform to over 40 schools in five regions currently; and other schools in the remaining regions are also in line to benefit.  It has a zero-rated unique feature, which means all Vodafone users can access it free of charge on the Vodafone Ghana website.

Commenting, on this, Yolanda Cuba, Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana said:

“This is a landmark achievement and goes to show the power of education as a tool for change.

We are determined to contribute to enhancing the learning experience for students – to give them a smile on their faces – by making learning a memorable experience. We want to be at the forefront of the educational transformation for the present and future generations. It is a commitment we hold dear to our strategy.”

The Instant Schools platform was launched in November last year as part of a commitment by Vodafone to leave noone behind as it strives to entrench its position as the most innovative and creative telecommunications company in Ghana.

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