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For four years running, multiple award-winning Hiplife musician Okyeame Kwame has been doing something that no Ghanaian celebrity is currently known to do. Each year, the rapper authors a poem to commemorate his marriage to his wife, Annica.

As the rapper has explained countless times on social media, he uses the poems to do two things: one, celebrate his wife; and two, to encourage young lovers to take the bold step of making their relationships official.

In all, the rapper has since January 2015 authored four such poems, all of which were published on his social media platforms (i.e. facebook and Instagram) for the consumption of his fans and the appreciation of art-loving public.

Given that each year’s poem has been built around a theme, the rapper chose this year’s ode to contemplate upon how meaningless and unbearable a future without his wife would be like. For this, he decided to thank his wife “for marrying [his] troublesome self for nine years” and asked that she marries him for 51 years more.

In an apparent response to the request from her husband, the wife, Annica, posted on social media that she would answer ‘yes’ to Okyeame Kwame’s marriage proposal no matter the frequency, time or location.

She posted: “No matter how many times you ask, Wherever you ask, Whenever you ask, However you ask, the answer will always be a YESSSS!!! Happy anniversary superman!!! Thank you for being my husband @okyeamekwame.”

I was, therefore, surprised to read on ghanaweb on Tuesday (January 16) a story with the headline “Whenever you want it, I’ll say yes – Annica tells Okyeame Kwame,” in which what Annica wrote and posted on social media was taken out of context and completely misinterpreted.

Journalistically, ghanaweb should know better than this, and should be able to appreciate the essence of context (i.e. background) in news reporting.

For the website to have created the impression that Annica was talking to his husband about sex when she rather was responding to his earlier request, was unfortunate – and should not be repeated.

Obviously, outspoken people like Okyeame and his wife have never shied away from topics bordering sex. However, to attribute something that the wife never said or wrote about, is uncalled for in journalism. It is imperative to note that quoting an ‘it’ (which could not be sourced from Annica’s post) is a journalistic malpractice.

It raises questions about either foul play or mischief which go a long way to stir disaffection for the Okyeame Kwame family.

This must stop!!! Ghanaweb, as a leading news portal in Ghana, must be seen to be leading the way in promoting ethical journalism, rather than generating reports that impute wrong motives to people.

Advisedly, such a news report should not only be deleted, but also the portal must render an apology to the Okyeame Kwame family for any disaffection this publication might have caused them.

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