Talk about serving shade. Recently, tennis pro Naomi Osaka had to politely put a reporter in check when he chose to acknowledge just half her heritage.

The 20-year-old tennis pro, who was born in Japan but raised in Florida, recently won the third round of the Australian Open against Ashleigh Barty. During her post-game interview, the reporter asked Osaka how she felt about representing both her American and Japanese nationalities:

“You moved to New York when you were two years old and lived in the United States for a long time, but you’re very proudly Japanese, obviously. What will this victory mean for the people back home, for both sets of fans who will be watching this for you?”

Not only did the reporter mistake Osaka’s US residency with New York (instead of her hometown of Florida), he completely neglected to mention Naomi’s Haitian background, despite the fact that Naomi is well-known for being a “Haitain-American” player.

“Actually, I live in FL now. But, I mean, of course I’m very honored to be playing for Japan. But my dad’s side is Haitian, so represent. But um, yeah. I forget the rest of your question. Sorry!”

Tell em’ girl! If he can say you’re “proud” to be Japanese and American, remind him that you are proud to be Haitian too!
Naomi has been very public with her Haitian background, and is also very active at the school her parents built in the city of Jacmel:

The reporter actually had no words for Osaka afterwards, however, she did open up about her feelings towards winning against her opponent, Ashley Barty.

“I feel really happy but I’m also kind of sorry because I know you guys really wanted her to win…  I never played in an atmosphere like this, and I always wanted to play against an Australian player because it seems really cool.”


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