Aurelie with Eboue in happier times

by: michael eli dokosi/

The plight of ex-Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue is a sorrowful one for the 34 year old is finding out that after years of toiling and playing football in the limelight, he’s been reduced to nothing.

Well Eboue and his wife Aurelie who he had 3 children with Clara 14, Maeve 12 and son Mathias 9 are divorced and the courts have awarded the estranged wife virtually everything including the house whose floor Eboue now sleeps on without being able to pay for lighting and heating.

Hear him in the Mirror interview: “That divorce killed me a lot. I am not happy about the law in England because it is so biased. I want God to use me to change that. I want to be able to say that what this judge has done is not fair.”

Eboue got burnt by trusting an ambitious and conniving wife.

“The money I earned, I sent it to my wife for our children. In Turkey, I earned €8 million. I sent €7m back home. Whatever she tells me to sign, I sign.”

While Eboue earned 8 million euros half went for taxation – Taxed in UK and taxed in Turkey – legal fees, spousal support, child support, property expenses, maintenance, and financial advisers.

Again if he paid 5 – 10% of his earnings to advisers – 5 – 10% on spousal support – and 40% marginal tax rate on taxation and property – it quickly adds up.

To compound a bad situation, Eboue had lost in the last 14 months a grandfather, a brother and now a wife who has prevented him from either seeing his children or speaking to them on phone.

Eboue faces the real prospect of being homeless as he says house he sleeps in is not safe since he fears on the orders of the court, placemen could badge in and throw him out at any time.

FIFA has also banned him playing football over a dispute with his former agent.

Thankfully his former club, Galatasaray S.K. upon hearing of his plight have offered him an assistant coaching role for their under 14 lads while providing him accommodation and sufficient salary to get on his feet.

Hopefully his case can inspire other African players to watch well before marrying black or white; period.

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