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He fought for the Liberian presidency in 2005, aged 39 but lost contentiously yet he rebounded in 2017, aged 51 to emerge the president.

Weah with Clar

All is looking good for the former Monaco, PSG, AC Milan, Manchester City and Chelsea football icon except some citizens who are not sure who their official First Lady will be because George Weah is reported to have multiple wives.


Weah is reported to be married to Clar whom he is said to have met at a Chase Bank in the United States where she worked as a customer service officer and was enamored by her charming looks.

The prospect of Clar who’s married Weah for twenty years being a first lady has reportedly led to excitement in her home country Jamaica although she is a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Weah with family

With Clar residing in the US, some have asked if she can be present to fulfill her duties and functions of the office of the First Lady.

Weah is also said to have married another woman named Mamie Doe, a native Liberian who some reckon can be the First Lady while Clar remains the first wife.

Again, George Weah is also reported to have children with 2 other women; Meapeh Gono and Mccdella Cooper.




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  1. I thought this write up was a plan to cost the president elect some votes. What a dumb report. Veronica Mamie Doe is happily married to a Nigerian (Mr Ahawa) and they reside in United Kingdom. She never married or even met Mr Weah before. When her father was the president, He was very fond of Mr weah and helped him with his football career. Please ask questions before reporting to the world

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