Ebony on th right with sister

by: michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.com/ghana

For sister of Ebony; Happy the anomalies leading to her celebrated sister’s death show she perhaps knew she was about to die.

Happy submits to GHOne TV that with their mother in Ghana for a visit, there was no need for Ebony to head to Sunyani, her residence to surprise her while she was due in Accra as a birthday party was planned for her adding all attempts to dissuade her failed.

Fallen star; Ebony Reigns

Again very much unlike her, she opted to go with a car while she has always used a plane on trips to Sunyani, Happy mentioned.

“It’s interesting. It’s actually her first time taking a ride to Sunyani. She always goes with a plane no matter the circumstance. She will always go with a plane. It seems she knew she was going to die because she did the unusual. My mum is in Ghana; she’ll be going back on the 17th. 14thFebruary is my mum’s birthday so we planned that my mum will come to Accra and we have a nice party for her. So we didn’t know why all of a sudden, she sent a message to my dad that she wants to go and surprise mum and my dad said mum’s birthday is soon so why won’t she wait but she was insistent that she wanted to go and visit mum and she went,” Happy said.

Ebony would have turned 21 on February 16.

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