Ebony with Bullet in happier times

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Forget that Okay 101.7 FM advertised hosting Bullet; Ebony’s manager at 4:00pm on Monday but as they’ve proved a few good times, they are no respecter of time so begun the interview well past the stipulated time.

However it was incumbent on Bullet real name Ricky Agyemang to share his side of the story and set the record straight on certain contentious issue since the passing of his artist; Ebony in that road carnage.


Blakkpepper understands Bullet was not even in Ghana when Ebony perished. In the interview, he points out that he was part of the advanced team who went to secure gigs and attend to the logistics for Ebony’s scheduled European tour.

He only arrived to Ghana Sunday evening and called on Ebony’s family at their Dansoman house with the Rufftown Records and Midas Touch team, MUSIGA boss, Obour and Creative Arts minister; Catherine Afeku.

Other points blakkpepper picked up in the interview with Abeiku Santana are as follows.

That Ebony had a team which saw to her successes spanning Rufftown Records, Midas Touch and team OVO.

That guys like Allen, Bullet, Ogee de MC, DJ Shiwaawa and Gatdoe were part of Ebony’s inner circle who handled bookings, execution of gigs, video shoots and logistical requirements.

Bullet stated that as a human institution, he’s had disagreements with Ebony but they were nothing serious adding they often settled their differences and got back to work pointing out that even marriages have their turbulent periods but with love a common ground is found.

Bullet also disclosed Ebony was signed on a 5-year contact with the option of working with him for 2 extra years adding she had only honoured 2 years of the 5-year contract so there wasn’t any talk of seeking to leave his label.

Bullet met Ebony in 2015 through ‘Ogee da Real MC’ who had discovered her and her musical gifts and pitched her to him as a gifted singer who needed support. Bullet will then ask Ebony to send a voice note singing any song of her choice to determine if she indeed had the goods.

Ebony had no song of her own so just rendered a popular tune and according to Bullet upon hearing her voice he “was blown away.”

They met, he proposed the name Ebony for her, she took it and added Reigns to it becoming Ebony Reigns. Bullet had written the ‘Dancefloor’ tune already so offered it to her, took her to a studio and recorded her. That tune was released in December 2015 to very warm response.

It emerged Bullet and the Midas Touch guys facilitated the shooting of the ‘Poison’ video in Dubai where they spent two weeks.

It also emerged in the Okay FM interview a formal contract regularizing their work was signed at the Holiday Inn Hotel with Ebony with the knowledge of her father; Nana Poku Kwarteng who Ebony had introduced to Bullet, an encounter from which Nana Poku asked Bullet to take care of his ward as a sister.

According to Bullet, he doesn’t know Franky Kuri, the lady who perished with Ebony and Atsu Vondee; the soldier man who also expired.

Franky Kuri

He revealed Ebony was huge a star such that in honouring a gig sometimes the entourage numbers thirty comprising dancers, security guys, facilitators and executives.

Atsu Vondee also perished

Bullet stressed that although Ebony’s ‘Bonyfied’ album saw him write about 14 songs out of the 16 track album, he had mentored the ‘90s Bardgyal’ such that she had acquired the skill of writing popular tunes and she had begun writing material for her second album which would have been her true work.

He debunked assertions Ebony was enslaved stating Ebony knew what she was about such that she could demand what she wanted from management and got it.

Regarding the disclosure of Zylofon Media boss, Nana Appiah Mensah that Ebony had come to him wanting him to pay for her bail out sum of $100,000, and Sammy Flex the Zylofon Media Communication Director reportedly also stating on his show that it would have taken twenty years for Bullet to make $100,000 by managing Ebony; Bullet described the talk as disrespectful and loose demanding an apology.

Nana Appiah Mensah

A peeved Bullet pointed out that by just signing a deal with Kasapreko Company and Choco Malt, they will have been $200,000 richer by March stressing Ebony, the biggest act in Ghana at the time of her death was worth way way more than that $100,000 being bandied about.

But tellingly, Bullet claimed even before meeting Ebony, a female diviner had revealed to her she will come into contact with the Ruff and Smooth guys (Bullet was one half of Ruff and Smooth), through whom her musical career will explode but she will die at the peak of her career as told to him by Ebony herself. Giving rise to the question, was Ebony destined to die you?

Given her risqué antics in video clips and on stage, some have the perception she is a loose girl, but Bullet took pains to stress; away for the screen, Ebony was a different character who took the worship of the Supreme Divine seriously and in fact availed herself to rites to avert her early death.

Even at 20 and without any biological child, we are informed Ebony has over 20 dependents who relied on her for sustenance with Bullet adding she was an extremely generous fellow.


Regarding not taking Blakk Rasta’s spiritual father; Nigel Gaisie’s prophecy about Ebony seriously to see him for direction, Bullet explained he didn’t know Nigel Gaisie personally but had gone to withdraw money at an ATM near the old Peace FM building only for Blakk to see him and call him, upon meeting Blakk he introduced Nigel to him as his pastor whereupon Blakk introduced him to Nigel as the manager of Ebony and that’s where their interaction ended.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie with Blakk Rasta

According to Bullet, the prophecy about Ebony hadn’t come from Nigel when they met but reckoned even if it later came, why he didn’t ask Blakk to call him or take his cell line from Blakk given he knew he could get his contact from him showed a disingenuous way of claiming fame adding if Nigel had called him, he would have gone to see him since he respected apostles of the God.

He pointed out that the pastors he knew had mitigated on Ebony’s behalf but it wasn’t to be including producer cum mystic; Kaywa, Pastor Douglas, Steve Badu and a Pastor Prosper.

He stated because of efforts to avert her early death, many shows for which Ebony was booked had to be forfeited and monies refunded to avoid travelling but God knew best.

“Ebony was a good girl, I know her boyfriend, she wasn’t a lesbian and what many people don’t know is how Ebony could go 12 months without sex,” Bullet revealed.

He also submitted that the jeep Ebony was travelling on was the latest vehicle the team had secured for her adding they however did not know suspect driver Chartey Oko Pinehad, aged 29, who drove the Jeep with No. AS497-16 from Sunyani to Accra killing three occupants on board including Ebony.

The mangled jeep on which Ebony and two others died
The mangled jeep which snuffed the life out of Ebony and 2 others
Supposed VIP bus Ebony’s ride slammed into





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