Ebony Reigns

by: michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.com/ghana

Various people make up a society, while there are teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, soldiers, police folks, contractors, labourers, politicians, chiefs and market women; there’s also diviners, priests, sorceress, shamen, mystics, prophets and the clairvoyant.

So it should not surprise people that others could see things about them and relay the information for good or bad.

The death of Ebony, the notable singer has focused attention on such people in society thanks to their eager revelation that they had peered into the realm and seen Ebony’s demise, announced it yet she failed to consult them for rituals to be performed.

Social media is awash with videos and audio recordings of some of these spiritualists with their take on Ebony, the 20 year-old who cultivated strong following thanks to her ‘Dancefloor,’ ‘Kupe,’ ‘Hustle,’ ‘Maame Hwe,’ ‘Date Ur Fada’ and ‘Poison’ hits.

It’s emerged music producer and a man noted to have some mystic abilities; Kaywa of Highly Spiritual Music informed management of Ebony about her impending death and what could be done to remedy the situation. The rituals to do involved recording a spiritual or gospel song, donate to an orphanage as well as avoid certain trips. Per revelations which has emerged, Ebony did avail herself and undertook these rituals.


Again, Abeiku Santana speaking to Naa Ashorkor on Joy FM disclosed he got a call from Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah of the Glorious Word Ministries seeking Ebony’s contact to inform her, her stay on earth was limited requiring she drew to the Supreme Divine before her exit. Santana adds he offered the bishop’s cell line to his producer to forward to Ebony and is aware Ebony consulted the bishop but as to what transpired he is unaware.

Rev. Owusu Bempah

Then there is Prophet Badu Kobi of the Glorious Wave Church who has submitted since the 90s Bardgal’S death that he told Peace FM’s Kwabena Marfo in a personal conversation that Ebony had a short life and will soon perish.

Prophet Badu Kobi

Prophet Nigel Gaisie of True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry is also reported to have said that Ebony will die through a road accident if she does not change her ways.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie

“The Lord opened my eye. That singer called Ebony, she has a short life. I saw her having a fatal lorry accident. That singer called Ebony, we are the prophets of the nation. Hear me and hear me. If she does not change her ways, it will come to pass. She will die like the way Suzzy Williams died when you expose yourself, you give out for evil spirits who don’t have the license to come and infiltrate you,” he reportedly said on 24th November 2017.

Ebony, real name Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, was returning from Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region when the Jeep she was travelling in crashed into a VIP bus on Thursday evening killing her as well as Franky Kuri and Atsu Vondee.

the remains of Ebony, Franky & Atsu



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