Dying Ugandan man wants to bribe God with $55,000


He stipulated that the money would be used to bribe God to enter heaven. A dying civil servant instructed his wife to bury him with $55,000, which he intended to appease God to forgive his earthly sins. The civil servant, a Ugandan was 52-year-old, when he died. His metallic coffin cost $5,500. Identified as Charles Obong, he was a senior ...

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Would you smoke a scorpion?


As bizarre as it sounds, smoking scorpions is not unheard of in South Asian countries, but according to regional media, the practice has recently been gaining popularity in several parts of Pakistan. The scorpion venom can apparently put the smoker on an intense high, becoming highly addictive with time. So how does one smoke a scorpion, anyway? It’s a simple yet effective ...

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These potbellied men are something


by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana  They are big, burly and scare a lot of women. Bearers are sometimes called eternally pregnant men but some men seem to love their pot bellies. Frequent consumption of beer, late night eating, lack of exercising the tummy region and frequent ingestion fatty and oily foods have all been ...

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Swiss company makes diamonds from ashes of deceased loved ones


Diamonds are forever, and apparently so is dying now… Algordanza is a Swiss startup company that’s reinventing the wheel when it comes to memorial keepsakes made from the ashes of deceased loved ones. The company uses cremated human remains to create memorial diamonds that can be worn conveniently wherever you go. As it stands, diamonds are simply pressurized carbon atoms that are ...

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Man spends $9 million on a license plate in U.A.E


For high-rolling drivers in the United Arab Emirates, no car is complete without a single-digit license plate. The oil-rich country’s wealthy elite are willing to drop millions of dollars to get their hands on one. Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni wanted a highly coveted plate bearing the number 5. He wanted it so much, he bid 33 million dirhams ($9 ...

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59-year-old man breaks penis while having sex with lover


A Vietnamese man has been rushed to hospital in agony after ‘breaking’ his penis while trying an exotic sexual position. The 59-year-old man was taken to hospital in Ho Chi Minh City where he told doctors he heard a loud crack while making love to his partner. Doctors were reportedly shocked when they saw the damaged organ, which had clearly ...

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