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Meet Kwasi Adu, the brain behind Asaase Pa Restaurant


by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana At the Bishop Station in Accra opposite the Ghana Library Board, sits the Asaase Pa (Good Land) Natural Food and Products Shop in addition to the restaurant which is a favourite of local vegans and tourists sampling offerings in the capital. This writer having had the pleasure of hosting ...

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Love pork? 13 reasons to stop


Doctors all over the world agree that human consumption of pork is dangerous to their health, yet people all over the world continue to eat pork in large quantities. Below are 13 reasons why you should continue giving up eating pork. 1) A pig is a real garbage gut. It will eat anything including urine, excrement, dirt, decaying animal flesh, ...

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Marwako Pepper Case Update: Chaaban wants to compensate Evelyn, case set for April 10

Jihad Chabaan

by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana Since the Marwako Restaurant pepper case, legal attorneys for defendant, Jihad Chabaan have prayed the court to enable them have access to material the prosecution has in its possession and intends to deploy in court to be better prepared. But when the case was called on April 6 and ...

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We employ 300 Ghanaians, we can’t hate them – Marwako Fast Foods CEO


by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana Reeling from the storm that their Lebanese supervisor, Jihad Chaaban’s rubbing of employee, Evelyn Boakye face in pepper has caused, management of Marwako Fast Foods has issued a statement to condemn the act of the supervisor. The statement was issued on Saturday, March 4 and signed by Chief Executive ...

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Outrage as Lebanese supervisor rubs local girl’s face in pepper at Marwako Fast Foods


by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana A good number if Ghanaians have expressed their outrage at the news that a supervisor at fast food chain, Marwako Restaurant at Abelenkpe has smeared the face of female worker, Evelyn Boakye into blended pepper and spice. Jihad Chaaban, 26 and brother-in-law of the owner of the restaurant, Alhaji ...

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Two 20 footer containers fall off Nkrumah Circle “Dubai” Interchange


A truck with two 20 footer containers, loaded with bags of sugar fell off the newly built Circle Kwame Nkrumah “Dubai” Interchange on Wednesday night. No death was recorded according to eyewitnesses. Standers-by account that the truck stalled midway through the steep due to the load, and reversed uncontrollably. A tyre blasted then the “head” rolled over onto the by-pass, ...

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Cassava: Its journey thus far


The presence of cassava in Africa and Ghana has suddenly become an issue following Pastor Mensa Otabil`s remark on Fufu preparation. This morning senior journalist Gordon Asare-Bediako asked me to throw light on the origin of cassava, and this is my historical bit on it: Although cassava or manioc is a staple crop for one-eighth of the world’s population, and ...

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It is well if you are not a fufu fan but desist from the attacks Pastor Otabil

fufu with light soup & meat

by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana Preacher Head of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Mensa Otabil says he took a vow never to consume fufu (pounded cassava and plantain or cocoyam dish) again because of the tedious process involved in making the meal. The man whose motivational speeches and supposed philosophical renderings has endeared ...

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Sisters offer new chocolate flavours and shapes to Ghanaian market

'57 chocolate

by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana For years, Ghanaian chocolate lovers have desired more than the hard bar and pebbles ‘Golden Tree’ offered and sisters Priscilla and Kimberly Addison are offering an interesting alternative. ’57 Chocolate comes in Ghana’s own Adinkra symbol shaped bars in milk, white chocolate dark, mocha latte and bissap (sobolo) flavours. ...

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