Meet Kwasi Adu, the brain behind Asaase Pa Restaurant


by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana At the Bishop Station in Accra opposite the Ghana Library Board, sits the Asaase Pa (Good Land) Natural Food and Products Shop in addition to the restaurant which is a favourite of local vegans and tourists sampling offerings in the capital. This writer having had the pleasure of hosting ...

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“Vodafone saved my son” – father of Healthline beneficiary


The impact of Vodafone Ghana is seen through several aspects of the Ghanaian life. Beyond the provision of modern telecommunications services for the good of society and the economy; the company continues to touch several lives through health and education, using its foundation. Its health portfolio contains a myriad of initiatives designed to bring relief and comfort to mostly deprived ...

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Love pork? 13 reasons to stop


Doctors all over the world agree that human consumption of pork is dangerous to their health, yet people all over the world continue to eat pork in large quantities. Below are 13 reasons why you should continue giving up eating pork. 1) A pig is a real garbage gut. It will eat anything including urine, excrement, dirt, decaying animal flesh, ...

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Want to live healthy? Read this


A chat with Dr. Abdullahi Oluwalogbon (Heart and Utility Specialist) The transcript of the chat is given below. Useful for everyone. Qn1. What are the thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart? Ans: 1. Diet – Less of carbohydrate, more of protein, less oil 2. Exercise – Half an hour’s walk, at least five days a ...

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The good masturbation does your body


Conduct an internet search for “masturbation,” and you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of slang phrases for the act. This proliferation of slang phrases suggests people want to talk about masturbation, but are uncomfortable about doing so directly. Using comedic terms provides a more socially acceptable way to express themselves. So before we talk any more about it, let’s ...

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De Niro & Kennedy Jr challenge vaccine safety, offer $100,000 to anyone with other proof

Robert De Niro & Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert De Niro joined Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 15 to hold a press conference about vaccine safety. The pair are looking for proof that vaccines are safe and teamed up to offer $100,000 to anyone who can provide such information. The actor participated in the panel, which showcased discredited claims surrounding vaccination, including the notion ...

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Jasmine Rida’s funeral held as she departs this realm


by: michael eli dokosi /                                    #blakkpeppertins @blakkpeppernews @MystiqMike fb: Blakkpepper Ghana Immediate and external family members, close friends, course mates and well-wishers were on hand at the Lashibi Funeral Homes to bid farewell to bubbly damsel, Jasmine Yvonne Rida who had drawn her last breath on January 14, 2017. Jasmine is said to have suffered from pulmonary embolism often caused ...

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Signs warning of thyroid issues


Most of the time, when we feel something a little funny in our bodies, we simply shake it off: “It’s just a cold, allergies, or age,” we tell ourselves. Sometimes this is true. But more often than we expect, these seemingly innocent problems can indicate bigger medical issues — like how lightheadedness could be a sign of heart disease in women. ...

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Why taking warm water solves many problems


Hot water stimulates hunger, aids digestion, soothes throat, cleanses urinary bladder and relieves aggravation of Vata and Kapha doshas. It helps the body get rid of accumulated, undigested food and can soothe pain in the hips and back. Adding cumin, coriander, sandalwood, mint, honey or ginger to water helps with detoxification, metabolism and weight loss. How Much Water Should I ...

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