The interesting life of Kweku Bankole Awoonor-Renner, the first Gold Coaster journalist

Kweku Bankole Awoonor-Renner

Kweku Bankole Awoonor-Renner (1898 – 1970), aka Mustapha Renner or Kweku Awuna-Renner is one of the most enigmatic and surprising figures in modern West Africa. He was the first African Bolshevik (Communist), a Pan-Africanist, Nationalist, anti-monarchist and the first professionally trained journalist in the Gold Coast. He was a communist militant in Ghana trained in the United States (1921-1924) and ...

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The man Rev. Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir Aggrey

Rev. Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir Aggrey

Rev. Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir Aggrey was raised to preach and excelled in preaching. He is popular for saying ‘if you educate a man/boy you educate one person , but if you educate a woman/girl you educate a HOUSEHOLD’. He said this at Wesley Girls High School. People have changed the “HOUSEHOLD” to “a nation”. That’s misquotation but not misrepresentation ...

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Making of castrated African slaves or eunuchs

African Eunuch

Eunuchs were castrated African men kidnapped from Darfur, Abyssinia, Korodofan, Zanzibar and other African nations. Ironically because of their lack of sexual function they obtained great privileges as Harem guards and palace courtiers. Eunuchs were generally operated on by Arabs known as the Chamba. Young boys, victims from raids and wars were subjected to the horrid monstrous inhumane process of ...

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Garvey’s 1925 letter to Negroes from his Atlanta Prison

Hon. Garvey

In 1925, the Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey entered federal prison in Atlanta after being framed for mail fraud. Five years spent in prison only served to embolden Garvey even more in his fight for fellow Negroes. The following is Garvey’s letter to Black people from his Atlanta Prison in the ‘The Negro World’ on February, 10 1925: All I have ...

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Why the Talmud and Cabala are Anti-Black


Why does the Talmud (Oral Traditions of Jewish Sages) and the Cabala find it necessary to disparage people of African descent? The only reasonable answer is the fact, that the Children of Israel were enslaved and in bondage in Africa by Black Africans. The Greek historian Herodotus repeatedly referred to the Egyptians as being dark-skinned people with woolly hair. “They,” he says, “have ...

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The African presence in China, Arabia & Ireland


In biblical times “Africa” included much of what European maps call the “Middle East.”  European mapmakers determined regions on the top of Africa would be divided according to distances from Europe:  “Near East,” “Middle East” and “Far East.”  Remember, the name Africa is actually of Latin origin and was imposed on the great continent by European explorers.  That brought to ...

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The Africans Who Wrote The Bible


Judaism is the African way of life. Judaism was the religion developed in Africa by African people. It was adopted and adapted in a similar fashion to the Yoruba Orisha worship (Vodoun, Santeria, Lacumi, Condomble, etc) and is still being co-opted and altered by non-Africans today. To speak of an African influence on Judaism is like speaking of an African ...

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Why the white skin is a genetic defect


Whites cannot reproduce anything but themselves!  Through powerful propaganda and indoctrination we have been completely oblivious to what having white skin really means.  We have been skillfully mislead to believe that white skin is mankind’s anthropological model and should be coveted.  However, recent research paints a picture of white skin that is just the antithesis of what we have been ...

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A look at Shaka Zulu the warrior


Shaka came from a humble and harsh childhood to become the founder of the Zulu nation. Much like Genghis Khan he won his place and power through his own prowess and ability rather than any birth right. At the end of the 18th century the Zulus were a small tribe of no more than 1,500 ruled by a king called ...

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