Donovan Livingston’s Harvard University speech causing a stir

Donovan Livingston

It’s the speech Harvard University is calling “the most powerful, heartfelt” speech “you will ever hear.” Donovan Livingston, a master’s graduate at the university, was chosen by a committee of faculty, staff and students to speak at the School of Education’s convocation, a rep for Harvard told ABC News. Instead of a traditional speech, Livingston used spoken word to perform ...

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Poet Kacey Moore offers visual for ‘Kill the New Guy’, his new work

Kacey Moore

by: michael eli dokosi/blakkpepper/ghana Poet and rapper Kacey Moore has offered the video of his latest work ‘Kill the New Guy’ inspired by Sarkodie’s ‘New Guy’ song which featured Ace Hood. Showing that his wordplay was solid, Kacey Moore transitions from rap to rhyme effortlessly even singing when the urge becomes strong. A Nii Sackey directed video; ‘Kill the New ...

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Treat Poets as good as you treat musicians – Nana Asaase


Renowned poet, Nana Asaase has expressed utmost displeasure about how poets are unfairly treated by event organisers. According to him, most event organisers take people in that sector of the arts are taken advantage of as they give them meagre amount of money or sometimes no gratification after performing at their events. In a lengthy post on Facebook, Nana Asaase ...

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Whoever said men were created equal must have been blind Have you not seen men born in great wealth and others in unforgiving poverty? Have you not seen some walk, talk and see whiles others lack the ability to do any? Have you not seen fat people and lean fellows? Giants and midgets Now tell me where resides the equality?

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Oh Jah Jah I bring you supplication For none is greater than you oh Jah Jah Fire, water and the wind of this world reveal your awesome power Oh Jah the infinite being Me eyes see dead but me never dead Me eyes see holy but me not holy yet Me eyes see evil but me never evil When me ...

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You are feared in the city and the countryside In the woods and desert In the jungle and the ocean Your voice stuns the old and young Mighty giants and mysterious dwarfs lose their potency when you speak Animals are not spared your attacks Your earthly visits are brief yet full of potency You are unpredictable And your shape and ...

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What beautiful sight it is when lovers walk hand in hand Kiss cheek to cheek Then mouth to mouth Yet what sad spectacle is offered when that love deteriorates When once lovers quarrel over even the tiniest things When once glue bond love disintegrates leading to separation Nature offers an explanation Does night not overtake day despite its brightness? Do ...

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by: michael eli dokosi/ghana Every land has its goodies and its misfortune For where fortune resides Misfortune abounds Where God seeks to reside That is the place the Devil roast salted tilapia There is no bush without thorns Nor sea without sharks Life and death share the same mother As success and failure share the same father Times are tough ...

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You hate your fate You complain bitterly You wish you were someone else But such is the irony of life For the unemployed man wishes he were a policeman The policeman wishes he were the IGP The IGP, a minister A minister, a judge A judge, a justice The justice, the president The president, the king The king, God himself ...

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Some love for pleasure Others love for beauty Many love for money But I love because of you Once I loved but lost But they that I love not, offer me love I believed love not to be my portion That it is my fate, that it’s God’s will for me not to have But from nowhere we met and ...

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