Bukom Banku after being stitched

by: michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.com/ghana

Over the years, braggadocios fellow, Briamah Kamoko alias Bukom Banku had been the ultimate marketer regarding boxing. Few could promote a fight like he does and in some crude way he delivered by defeating his opponents.

But over the weekend, the man who calls himself the ‘African Mayweather’ got stunned before fans and boxing experts including Ike ‘Bazooka’ Quartey and the Professor ‘Zoom Zoom’ Azumah Nelson who were in session at the Bukom Boxing Arena on Saturday night.

Bukom Banku suffers cut before being TKO

In a non-title fight scheduled for 12 rounds, Bastie produced the performance of his career to end Bukom’s undefeated record by stopping him in the seventh round.

The much-anticipated fight dubbed ”Make or Break” lived up to expectation with both boxers putting up a good show for the fans.

True, even deeply melanated boxers who hadn’t bleached their skins still got cuts in brutal fights but for many observers, for Bukom Banku to bleach his skin when he hadn’t retired was an act of folly given punches he is sure to take in a fight after his skin had been damaged.

Banku had claimed he bleached to look fair in anticipation of being made a German Ambassador by the Mahama administration had the NDC won the 2016 general election.

A bleached Bukom Banku

After being lambasted heavily, Banku eventually stopped bleaching enabling his skin to take its natural shape and form once again or was it?

In the fight, Banku sustained a cut on his right upper eyelid making the referee Bannor to halt proceedings for him to be attended to as blood oozed and despite Banku’s attempts to hit back, Bastie; a notable boxer himself rather managed to land more frame shaking blows.

Bastie Samir & Bukom Banku at it

Some folks were jubilant over Bukom Banku’s loss; perhaps because of his loud mouth, perhaps because of claims he beat his wives and other female associates, perhaps because of his bleaching, perhaps because of his love for former president; John Mahama, perhaps because of his disciplinary issues or perhaps because folks want to see if he has enough gas in the tank to rebound to prove that his talk is not just hot air but we will miss Banku if he hangs his gloves wont we?

Bukom Flesh