El Shatta with Jasmine

by: michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.com/ghana

Shatta Wale has been a prolific song man but it’s his videos which had often let him down but it does appear his marriage to Zylofon Music will cure that defect.

In his latest offering termed ‘Gringo’ (A Latin American (disparaging) term for foreigners); Shatta Wale offers something he’s never given before.

Gringo’s 7:06 minute video opens with a narration by Don Capone in his rich voice set in a primitive American small town reminiscent of scenes from the animated film ‘Rango.’

Well, in this town abounds gamblers, crooks, villains and wild women we are told and soon enough sheriff of the town with one eye; Snake Eye makes a stop with his lady; Jasmine having come on a coach. El Shatta also makes an entry on his horse gaining curious looks as he doesn’t look like a native.

The music then takes over and sees Wale spit more patois in this song albeit garnished with conventional English. Chorus is lovely and here Wale stakes his interest in rapper Cardi B.

He unleashes a furry of rhymes including ‘kush’ and ‘bush’ admonishing men with long cocks to put them to good use urging men to push their rods into the wombs of the damsels when they demand they push harder.

One cannot help but spot the Zylofon Cash poster on the ‘church service’ play wall. It takes the scene from outdoors, indoors where booze is flowing and the smoke uncaged. A misunderstanding soon ensues at the meeting grounds over Jasmine, the pretty damsel involving breaking of bottles and chairs.

It boils down to a face-off between sheriff; Snake Eye and gringo; El Shatta. Shatta does the needful, swiftly outgunning Snake Eye who gets shot in the chest and belly bleeding out.

Well, with Snake Eye dead, el Shatta proceeds to secure the affection of Jasmine and rides on with her.

This is a Film Factory and Zylofon Film initiative directed by Sesan. If for nothing at all, this video did put cash in many pockets thanks to the sheer number of actors and technical hands employed. But It couldn’t have been possible without Executive Director; Nana Appiah Mensah; the engine of the Zylofon Music locomotive.