In a time when gospel music has been diluted and watered down to loose its biblical taste, there is emergence of a people who are ready to do the faithful worship and praise of God. The worship or praise leader or song writer or singer must be grounded in the Word of God. Indeed, a careful reading of the Bible teaches that song leaders are preachers of the Word.

They preach through their lyrics that minister grace to people.

It is in light of this that I find Donald Quao a faithful biblical singer. Having lead praise and worship at ICGC The Royal Temple, Awoshie, Accra for over 10 years, he sure has good experience under his belt.

On Saturday 25th July 2020, Donald Quao will be releasing another single after his much loved Boji Moni Oji song.

There are three reasons why you must eagerly wait to listen to this song:


According to Donald, this song was inspired by the story found in 2 Chronicles 20 where Israel was coming against an overwhelming enemy nations. God’s instruction was unusual – they had to use worshipers to lead the battle instead of soldiers. The song is biblically grounded in the sense that God will show Himself strong and the battle is always His. Fear not!


The second thing about the song is that it is a victory song. Very important. When Israel was going into the battle, they sung as if they had won already. As believers, we don’t need to win battles of life before we sing victory songs. We come from a position of victory. Christ has won the victory. He has disarmed the powers of the devil and made public show of it. We must get ready to sing victoriously unto God.


This song focuses on God rather than the devil. Many songs we hear from gospel musicians are far from praising and honouring God. Israel focused on God and not the enemies of their soul when they were going for the battle. We must be ready to sing this song knowing that God will fight our battles for us.

So, get ready to let everyone know that your God is a ” Show God” and put your trust in him.

Listen to Donald Quao’s ‘Boji Moni Oji’ song as you prepare your heart for ‘Show God’.