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Garlic, a plant in the onion family is used for preparing various delicacies across the globe. Garlic is often times classified as a herb due to its potency.

Unlike onion, garlic comes with a seemingly stronger smell which many find uncomfortable, but when it is used in preparing food, it tastes better than honey and sugar.

Even though garlic has been described by many as one of the nutritious herbs with a lot of medical benefit, not everybody patronizes it.

The strong smell of garlic drives a lot of people away from deriving its numerous medical benefits.

If you believe in spirituality and its impact on our physical activities, then there is no point avoiding garlic. Garlic is one of the best spiritual weapons in many tribes and faith-based entities.

Spiritually active Christians across the world have form time immemorial used garlic as a protective tool to ward off bad luck, negativity and evil.

How To Protect Yourself Spiritually With Garlic

In ancient Egypt, garlic was one of the powerful spiritual ”tools.”

To ward off evil spirit and totally protect yourself against any spiritual misfortune and physical attack which comes in the form of sicknesses, the following should be observed.

i. Having garlic in your homes, especially in front of your door (hanging) and by the windows is a sure way to prevent evil spirit and bad omen from befalling your home.

Any individual with a bad or negative spirit will not feel comfortable entering your home if garlic is displayed in front of your door. Before hanging a garlic in front of your door or window, do well to pray over it.

This practice of hanging garlic at door fronts has been in existence in ancient Europe and Egypt and it’s still being practiced.

ii. Keeping garlic in your pocket prevents bad luck. Garlic is known to attracts good luck and favour.

In some part of the world, people looking for favour, grace or good luck always walk around with pieces of garlic in their pocket.

The spirit of disappointment cannot thrive in the presence of garlic. So when going for an interview, meeting someone for favour etc. always ensure to have garlic in your pocket.

iii. If you want to avoid bad dreams and see those responsible for your woes through revelations, keep garlic under your pillow.

Placing garlic under your pillow to avoid bad dreams is common knowledge. If you want to see your enemies i.e. those responsible for your challenges and failures, don’t forget to place a garlic under your bed before sleeping. Garlic under pillow also cures insomnia.

iv. In some part of the world, garlic is placed in the mouth of deceased relatives to prevent their souls from entering their body again.

Garlic is also used to block wandering spirit who may reanimate a corpse. Among the Akan, wandering spirits are known as ”saman twentwen”. Placing garlic in the mouth of dead relatives will put their spirit at ease.