Libation pouring via

Isn’t Libation known to be a lesser or demonic practice?

No, it’s neither good nor bad. It’s neither positive nor negative. It’s a spiritual act and as such it’s a means to attain and not the final attainment. Truthfully, in performing the exercise of libation, whatever spiritual energy or force or an aspect of God is called, it’s readily invoked and present at the place of activity, as such there becomes a holy ground or temporary altar or temple of the Lord.

Call upon a lesser entity and it would readily manifest or upon a greater entity and it would readily manifest (this which I strongly advise) but in all bear in mind that you are your thoughts and you are solely responsible for your thought-actions. (Proverbs 23:7)

What are some of the benefits of Libation?

Libation is usable for all and any kind of purposes.

Some of them are:


II) Invoking the presence of the higher spirits

III) Securing information through dreams

IV) Evocation

V) Fulfillment of one’s positive desires

VI) Activating and energising the latent force in some spiritual paraphernalia such as metals and crystals

VII) Consecrating materials for use in spiritual processes and activities

VIII) And so on and so forth, as your need and desires may demand

Lord Ackkham Rebakham