Chiefs pouring libation

Libation is the pouring of drink as an offering to a deity. It involves pouring of a liquid, or grains such as rice, as an offering to a deity or spirit, or in memory of the dead.

Lord Ackkham Rebakham touches on the spiritual science and art of libation.

Libation as a spiritual art of communication with the universal principle or force or God can be defined as the art of pouring liquid as an offering, also called Drink Offering.

What are the materials used for Libation?

The materials used for libation are:

1)Alcohol (Spirit)





6)Grape wine

7)Salt water or Brine

8)Palm wine




12)Palm Oil

13) All types of Vegetable oils

14)Fragrant oils and all types of consumable liquids

These are determined and used by the individual based upon what can easily be acquired by them within their immediate surroundings.

Why libate or pour libation?

Prayer is simply defined as a communication between man and his object of worship or deity. There are many forms of prayer or communication with the divine and they are Meditations and Yoga, Libation, Conjuration, Invocation, Supplication, Affirmations, Ritualism, Offering of Sacrifices, and so on.

Libation which forms a part of the core practices of the Indigenous African Spiritual Practitioners and Mystics has a deep rooted significance and a unique potency in the sense that this form of prayer readily connects the libator to the universe, it avails him/her to the vast existence of the atomicity of everything in and of nature. It has been known to and proven by the African spiritualists and ancestors over the ages which has now been discovered by Scientists that there is energy in every atom and it being the fundamental of this material universe then there is energy in everything be it animate or inanimate.

Energy too equals Spirit. In simple words, Libation brings the libator in at-one-ment with the vast array of Energy of the Universe and also the Universal force or energy to the libator. He/She becomes the Universe, the Universe becomes him/her.

When do we pour libation?

Libation could be poured at any time, on any day and at any place. Provided that the libator would not be interrupted by anyone and anything.

In the performance of a libation I give these 3 Golden Rules to be observed.

1)Don’t libate when in anger.

2)Don’t perform libation when too busy with other material activities or under Pressure.

3)Don’t perform libation when stressed. You need that peaceful and relaxed state to perform.

Libation takes on the form of the emotions (astral) of the libator to project. Positive thought would release a positive astral form or energy body into the cosmos to effect the manifestation of one’s desire same as the opposite. The state of mind or thought of the libator in respect to Time, Place and Circumstance would determine the form of energy and its polarity. The distance covered between libation and eventual materialisation and manifestation of ones declarations and desires would be determined by the frequency of performance and the degree of Force of the libator’s thoughts.