Angel Town, Sarkodie and Stonebwoy via Instagram

They were supposedly tight buddies. They share the Tema Methodist Day Secondary School and are both Ghana’s Black Entertainment Television (BET) winners out of seven nominations.

Sarkodie, 35 would win first for Ghana in 2012 while Stonebwoy, 32 would emerge as the country’s second BET Award winner in 2015.

While Stonebwoy married Louisa Ansong on June 16, 2017, Sarkodie made an honest woman of long time lady-love Tracy Owusu Addo on July 17, 2018. Both have birthed two babies with their partners.

However heading into Sarkodie’s Black Is Love Concert on Sunday August 16, 2020, the cordial thread that held Sarkodie and Stonebwoy will come under severe strain when Stonebwoy haven arrived in the country went to have his rehearsal session as he was billed to perform at the virtual concert.

Stonebwoy since claims emerged that he damaged an eye of Sarkodie’s manager Angel Town submitted having been denied the opportunity to rehearse for hours sought to find out what was the source of the holdup and in the process a spat ensued.

As to claims he drew a gun or knife Stonebwoy was categorical. “I could not believe what I was reading online and hearing on the radio. I was totally shocked. Some reports said I pulled out a gun and others said I pulled out a knife and some also said I pulled out both. How can this be? Which gun and which knife? There was nothing like that. Absolutely nothing.”

And over the weekend while on Joy FM to promote a project of his Livingstone Foundation, host George Quaye delved into that sticky situation of which he hadn’t really given the blow-by-blow account of how things really escalated.

Not eager to focus his attention on the August incident, the Putuu hitmaker nonetheless made it clear he was stunned by the extent Sarkodie went in reporting him to the police with assurance of teaching him a lesson.

On Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z show, one could deduce that the BHIM leader had made peace with Angel Town the source of the hullabaloo but felt betrayed by Sarkodie whom he thought was a brother and for whom he came to support right from a foreign trip without seeing his wife and kids.

“It was really what happened but you don’t want to drive your friend to the police station and tell them to strike and lock your man-dem. I wouldn’t do that to you. I have a family like you do. They know Sark but won’t say it. I might lose a few things saying the truth but 2020 has thought us to be truthful,” Stonebwoy stressed.

Stonebwoy insinuated the true character of the SarkCess boss was known by insiders while he puts on a charade adding if he is a brand, he is also a brand.

It seems the Ashaiman-Tema alliance might just have hit a snag but only time will tell if the pair can rebuild their friendship.

by michael eli dokosi/