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Data usage, cost and reliability are critical issues for many people in African states as they bother on scarce funds and getting value for money.

Tech entrepreneur Rebecca Enonchong submits a Zoom meeting uses 540 MB to 1.62 GB of data per hour which is quite costly for a larger amount of people on the continent.

She continues in Africa, median price for 1 GB is $7.04 w/ some higher than $20 per GB.

In essence “Africans pay for ‘free’ conferences and webinars. Pay for meetings. Pay to download your large attachments,” she stressed.

The rallying call is for folks outside to be  considerate of those connecting from Africa as most Africans pay for every second on internet since they don’t have unlimited data plans especially when video uses more bandwidth.

While folks outside the continent would question why folks don’t resort to Wi-Fi, the reality is that most Wi-Fi relies on 3g or 4g technology which is also prepaid and costs same.

On whether Microsoft Teams or Google Meet is a better alternative, Enonchong submits Google Meet drains relatively little compared to its counterpart.

by michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.com/Ghana