Screengrab of Kofi Jamar in 'Ekorso' video

There’s no doubt that after ‘Sore’s’ smash hit by Yaw Tog featuring O’Kenneth, City Boy, Reggie and Jay Bahd, the next song cultivating national and global ears and eyes is Kofi Jamar’s ‘Ekorso’ featuring Yaw TOG and YPee.

Produced by the ever brilliant Chris Rich Beats, ‘Ekorso’ literally meaning its ‘poppin’ or thriving opens nicely with Jamar’s brilliant singing. TOG’s crisp voice and singing falls on the ear so effortlessly. And in his message, he asserts they are unstoppable and destined for success. Despite his baby face and youth, TOG is proving he has enough gas for the long haul.

Kofi Jamar in rendering some rap notes that ill-intentioned folks would have them tamed but they are irrepressible adding they just want to get bread and want no trouble.

YPee, reminds all he’s been doing this for a while adding he can defend himself. He adds he has ladies of the night who handle his manly needs.

Once again KooPoku Studios renders a visually compelling piece complete with buff men, skating chap and dance routine. Together with Chris Rich Beats they’ve been the engine that has powered the Kumerica music invasion without a doubt.

by michael eli dokosi/


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