Khaligraph Jones ft. Sarkdoie on ‘Wavy’. Photo by Kwadwo Sheldon.

Premiered on Jan 11, 2021 and trending on YouTube’s Number 1 spot, Kenya’s Khaligraph Jones’ ‘Wavy’ featuring Ghana’s Sarkodie is as hard-hitting as it is enjoyable.

On it, Jones among others bars submits that his competitors are pu**ies (cats) living their last lives having expended their eight lives already. He adds in Kenya, the competition is lazy.

Khaligraph Jones also sends out warning shots to the rest of the rappers on the continent noting “he’s taking over Africa like the f**king Chinese.”

He adds that all the moves they make are wavy. It’s easy to see then the inspiration for the song title then.

When it got to Sarkodie’s turn, seated in a Rolls-Royce ride, Obidi went on a rampage declaring fellow Ghanaian rappers were not his mate adding those entertaining thoughts of battling him should knock it off having been in the game for 10 years.

He delivered a brilliant line with an MC Hammer “U Can’t Touch This” inference. Still on stepping on other Ghanaian rappers, he asked them to go for choir practice as they are no challenge for him stressing he’s acquired homes while they still live in their old houses.

Finally he served notice of coming for rap taxes as the fraternity’s GRA (Ghana Revenue Authority).

Wavy was produced by Khaligraph Jones with the instrumental created by Motif the Don. Visual was by Ricky (Big Dreams) under Blu Ink Films.

by michael eli dokosi/


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