Liha Miller looks at husband Patapaa admiringly at their marriage ceremony

Some were stunned to see Agona Swedru based Patapaa marry German born Liha Miller on Saturday, January 2, 2021. It’s an unlikely union given their individual backgrounds and in an Okay FM interview with drive-time host Abeiku Santana, Miller-a trained nurse revealed the relationship hasn’t been without its difficult moments.

She also disclosed that she attend a show Patapaa performed at in Belguim first encountering him and it was at the same show, the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker spotted the plump damsel, asking a pal to get her cell line. As things will go, the pal rather fetched the cell line of her friend with whom she was standing.

Having fetched the wrong address, Liha Miller noted for a year, her friend expected Patapaa’s call to no avail. Another show, this time staged in Germany was to cement the pair’s loved as Patapaa had coerced the organiser who was friends with Miller to have her as part of the welcoming party at the airport. The rest we know is history.

by michael eli dokosi/

Enjoy the full narration:


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