Braimah Kamoko alias Bukom Banku

Braimah Kamoko also known as Bukom Banku has dwelled on his eccentric ways as much as boxing to remain in the public eye. He soon added partisan politics and in his case campaigning for the NDC’s John Mahama in the 2016 general election.

One other thing he was noted for was the bleaching of his body. He was heavily castigated when photos emerged showing just how ripe he had become from his ebony state.

Upon the advice, insults and condemnation, he put a stop to the use of the whitening creams.

However being a fame bug, Kamoko has begun using the harmful creams and in latest photos and videos, it appears he spared no expense adding an eye lash.

And this time, he says the bleaching is to put him in the public eye, for folks to have something to say about him. However aware of the harmful effects, the man who knocked out Ayittey Powers but failed against Bastie Samir says he will revert to his organic tone as January concludes.

“This bleaching is for joke. Just when my name is coming down small, then I do something then my name wakes up in the Ghana and people will shout fresh, fresh. When I bleaching myself, my name also wake up but my big father tell me that make I stop so I stop,” he submitted.

“I will stop the fresh January 31 so don’t shout like an empty tin,” he told SVTV Africa.

by michael eli dokosi/


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